Little Charmers 6th Annual Charity Show

This Exclusive fashion event will be held on Saturday 3rd August at the Mall of Africa. Tickets to the event are available to purchase here


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Tips on finding the right agency

There are many casting agencies for children, but how do you know which one to select??

A suitable agency who offers personal attention and takes an interest in your child’s confidence development is the best option when dealing with little ones.

Below are some professional helpful tips to guide you in making this important decision:

Check which brands the agency has been affiliated with – this will help give you an understanding of what type of castings they focus on and what companies select their talent.

Facebook is a good way to check Agency reviews – remembering to take into consideration that one bad review does not make the agency bad, therefore look for a pattern of dissatisfaction.

Make sure the agency you are interested in is a registered company and have done work in the industry before – there are many scammers around who just want to make a quick buck!

NAMA (National Association of Model Agencies) South Africa is a great directory to selecting your agency, as their members follow a certain code of conduct producing transparent, high ethical business conduct and standards which means you will not be messed around.

It is good to belong to an agent who is involved in many areas of the performing arts such as Drama or Modelling resulting in more opportunities than usual.

Once selecting your perfect agent, be patient and loyal – Children between 0-4 years old will not receive as many casting briefs as older children as it is difficult for them to follow direction and instructions well resulting in long unnecessary hours.

Registering your child at a young age has its benefits – preparing them for when they reach an appropriate age for the demand in the industry.

Please note: The amount of castings vary depending on the child’s age, race or gender and no agent can guarantee the amount of briefs the children will attend or jobs they will confirmed.

A good agent will be completely honest and advise if the child will excel in the industry or they feel they are not confident enough before registering them.

We hope this information has helped!


Owner and head coach at Little Charmers SA





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