Little Charmers 6th Annual Charity Show

This Exclusive fashion event will be held on Saturday 3rd August at the Mall of Africa. Tickets to the event are available to purchase here


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August Featured Models


                   La Myia & La Mica 7 months     Unsigned
                             Cassey Leo 8     Unsigned
                             Meagan 10      unsigned
                                   Skilar 2     unsigned
                           Keamogetswe 4     unsigned
                     Botlhale 8 & Hlpmpho 2     unsigned
                                       Angela 15    unsigned
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Colourful fashion by Jodiya

March is the festival of colours ,so we are featuring  this colourful brand called Jodiya!

“Inspired by my passion for my rich indian heritage and my own beautiful Jodiya  ( meaning twins ), I present my collection of bespoke traditional indian wear for little people, titled Jodiya, inspired by Isha and Ira.”

Each piece is created with kids in mind while savouring the exquisite nature of indian fabrics. Made  with tender loving care, Jodiya will always ensure your kids can be kids no matter the occasion, but in style.

                                          Rimjhim rani
                                           Rimjhim rani
                                   Pari Rajkumari
                                 Chamak Chamak
                                Chamak Chamak
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Q&A with Charlie Madigan

This month we get to know this adorable mini model Charlie Madigan!

Favorite colour?


Favorite food?


Do you have any hobbies besides modeling?

I love to dance, sing and play soccer.

What is the best part about modeling?

Making new friends!

What would you tell young South African models who want to be just like you?

Always follow your dreams, do what you love and never give up!

Love Charlie!



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Valentines fever with local kids brand Zuri by Omari

Zuri children’s clothing is designed specifically for kids bringing together beautiful designs, gorgeous fabrics and natural looks in a fresh way. Each style is simple,yet distinctive enough to put an extra bounce in your little one’s step!


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