Q&A with Heather!


Image by Jennifer Toebben photography

This month we got to chat to 12 year old American model Heather, who we absolutely love by the way!

Favorite colour?

My favorite colour is red of course!

Favorite food?

My favorite food is flaming hot cheetos.

What do you enjoy the most about modeling?

The best part is all the cool places i get to see!

What advice can you give aspiring young South African models?

You can be whatever you want to be if you work hard and are persistent.

Tell us more about yourself and do you have any role models?

When I am not acting or modeling, I love playing water polo and aspire to be like Maggie Steffens.  A model i look up to is Sarah Gullixson, she is a great mentor and calls me her mini me!

Do you have any pets?

I absolutely love animals! I have a bunny, two mice, a tortoise, a gargoyle gecko, two alligator lizards, two pacific tree frogs, a green frog, lots of fish ( both fresh water and salt water), tiny crabs, sea slugs, sea snails, sea stars, sea anemones and coral. I’m sure I missed something, its hard to keep up!

Image by Susan Hamel Images

You can follow Heather’s journey on Instagram here http://www.instagram.com/heather_ah

Image by Alex Kruk
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Q&A Celai West

Image by Creative Soul Photo

What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite food?

Tacos/ Burritos

Who is your role model?

Liris Crosse

What is is the best part of modeling?

The best part of modeling is all the amazing clothes that I get to wear.

What advice would you give young aspiring South African models?

My advice would be to be yourself, have fun and to always chase your dreams.


I have a dog named King , he looks like a really big target dog.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I like pokemon go and science.


Follow Celai West on her modeling journey @ http://www.instagram.com/celaiwest

Image by @Julianjpeeples
Image by Jon Malan Photography


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Q&A with Charlie Madigan

This month we get to know this adorable mini model Charlie Madigan!

Favorite colour?


Favorite food?


Do you have any hobbies besides modeling?

I love to dance, sing and play soccer.

What is the best part about modeling?

Making new friends!

What would you tell young South African models who want to be just like you?

Always follow your dreams, do what you love and never give up!

Love Charlie!



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Q&A with American teen model Samantha Gangal

This month we had the chance to interview 15 year old Samantha Gangal from the USA, who not only models but is also a singer and actress!

Favorite colour? 

All shades of blue!

Favorite food? 

Cheeseburgers or pizza, depends on the day!

Do you have any hobbies besides modeling?

I love to sing and I am also an actress.

What is the best part of modeling?

Trying on different brands of clothes is always fun, traveling and meeting so many great people has also been amazing.

Who is your role model?

On a personal level, I think my aunt , who is a successful neurologist, would be one of my role models. As far as a role model in the industry, I have always admired Steve Perry, lead singer of the band Journey. His vocals are inspirational to me!

What advice would you give aspiring young models in South Africa?

Make sure you have a great portfolio and find a reputable agency to represent you. Stay confident as rejection is a big part of the business.

Love Samantha

follow Samantha’s journey on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/littlesamkay


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Q&A with Australian teen model Paris Bishop

Favorite colour?

My favorite colour is yellow because it’s a happy colour!

Favorite food? 

My fave food is anything sweet!


One hobby i enjoy is netball.

What is the best part of modeling?

The best part about modeling is getting to meet so many amazing people and making new friends, I feel very blessed and am so grateful.



Do you have a role model?

 Someone i look up to is my mum as she teaches me to always believe in myself, and to always remain humble in life.

Do you have any advice for young aspiring models in South Africa? 

My advice would be to give life your very best shot and believe you can achieve your goals and dreams, you can achieve anything you want if you truly believe!

                                                                   Love Paris! 

Follow Paris on Instagram @https://instagram.com/parisbishop__?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1u6y3yht7svqw



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