Meet Erin our up and coming August cover star!

Erin’s Journey.

Erin has leaped into the world of modeling after responding to a casting call from Child Model SA for the Enhle Babes Couture shoot just one month ago. Erin then decided to enter into the Little Charmers SA annual charity fashion show model search , where she has been chosen as a finalist!

Erin does not consider herself the sporty type and prefers to be on stage, she loves singing, dancing and performing.

With her gorgeous face and happy, smiley attitude Erin may have found a new passion in modeling!

Follow Erin on her journey here

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Universal Models

Casey De Witt, the owner of Universal Models which is situated in Dowerglen, Linksfield, has been in the modeling industry for about 5 years. Casey is a local and international title holder having won titles such as Miss Gauteng, Miss Africa, Miss Africa Transcontinental and Miss Transcontinental. Casey’s life motto that she lives by everyday is Forti Nihil Difficilius- “Nothing is too difficult for the brave.”

Universal Model Academy offers:

  1. Catwalk and pageantry training.
  2. Grooming and Self Etiquette.
  3. Public Speaking.
  4. Preparations for all castings (acting and commercial).
  5. Portfolios.

The most rewarding is building self-confidence, confidence is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets- Casey De Witt

Universal Models trains young girls and boys from the age of 3 years old.

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Little Charmers 6th Annual Charity Show

This Exclusive fashion event will be held on Saturday 3rd August at the Mall of Africa. Tickets to the event are available to purchase here


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August Featured Models


                   La Myia & La Mica 7 months     Unsigned
                             Cassey Leo 8     Unsigned
                             Meagan 10      unsigned
                                   Skilar 2     unsigned
                           Keamogetswe 4     unsigned
                     Botlhale 8 & Hlpmpho 2     unsigned
                                       Angela 15    unsigned
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June coverstar Larusche`

Spotlight on our June coverstar Larusche`

My name is Larusche` and I am 5 years old. My hobbies include modeling, drawing and playing rugby with my three brothers Dian, Dandre` and Lanru`. 

My modeling achievements so far was i was crowned Miss Elite SA 2018 as well as 3rd princess at Toddler and Tween of the world. This year i am a finalist for Miss Global Beauty SA. I have won over 200 photogenic competitions because i just love to create my own poses!

My favorite colour is pink and of course my favorite person is my daddy!

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Lets talk about Bullying

Sonja Broschk , a clinical psychologist from Powering your Potential and our very own resident psychologist, spoke to us about this very important issue that affects most children in some way or another.

Dan Pearce, from Single Dad Laughing, made a profound statement when he said : “People who love themselves, do not hurt other people. The more we hate ourselves, the more we want others to suffer.” This is very true for the bully. The bully becomes a bully because somewhere in his or her past (or present), he or she is being taught that he or she is unloved, is ugly or is even themselves being bullied. Thus bullying is a vicious cycle that needs to be stamped out at the root, which is very difficult because no one is going to admit to ‘bullying the bully’.

As parents, we are often unaware that our children are being bullied. here are a few signs to look out for. First and foremost I always ask if you – the parent- are listening to what your child is communicating or telling you. Sadly it may not always be verbal, but often it is the less obvious medium of non-verbal communication.

The non-verbal signs are not easy to read, they become quieter, more withdrawn and they ‘lose’ their friends (due to being isolated, a common female bullying technique), or they become aggressive. There may be a decline in academic performance, or they start avoiding school by making themselves sick. Stomach cramps being the most common ‘go-to’ illness.

So how do we equip our children with the necessary tools to deal with a bully or being bullied?

Firstly, we must ensure that our children know  that they have a right to say ‘NO’ to any behaviour that is abusive or undermines them in any way. This means that having an open and honest conversation with your children about bullying and saying ‘NO’ are first on your do to list.

Secondly , give your child a safe space at home to express their feelings and believe them. Children and teenagers often feel disempowered because no one hears them or listens to them anymore.

A further step that parents could take, is to teach their children to have differing social networks, and thus the chances of being bullied also dramatically decrease as you do not ‘have’ to be friends with a specific group of people.

Lastly, parents and schools should educate their staff and scholars to identify the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression, as these go hand in hand with bullying. If these could be identified early enough then we as parents or staff could support and guide the child, before they become too depressed and perhaps consider suicide as the only way out.

Love your child, teach them to love themselves and to stand up for themselves and others- let us make a difference and make this world a better place.

Yours in empowerment , Sonja Broschk MA (Psychology)

082 788 2080



Clinical Psychologist Shaheda Khota from the Vaal Therapy Centre explains to us the various types of bullying  that children are experiencing.

What are the different types of bullying?

Physical bullying

The most well-known kind of bullying which includes pushing, shoving or physically hurting another person.

Verbal bullying

This refers to a person being spoken to in a disrespectful or aggressive manner such as being screamed at, it includes being insulted, teased or threatened.

Relational bullying

This means discriminating or treating another person differently within a group setting. It includes embarrassing another person or disrespecting another when they not around. This form of bullying is fairly common particularly amongst adolescents.

Cyber bullying

The use of social media or the internet to intimidate, harass or threaten another person. This may include posting insults and lies about another person. E.g.  Posting an embarrassing photo of someone without their permission.

Bullies are all around us and sometimes even confident people get bullied.

Shaheeda Khota (Clinical Psychologist)

The Vaal Therapy Centre 082 383 7826

Follow the Vaal Therapy Centre on Facebook

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Bright African inspired fashion by Enhle Babes Couture

All images by Natalie C Photography

This month we feature this bright, colourful collection by an 11 year old fashion designer, who is taking SA by storm!

11 year old Enhle Gebashe

Enhle Babes Couture is a children’s, glamorous African print clothing brand owned by 11 year old Enhle Gebashe. Enhle Babes Couture was established in October 2018 and caters for both boys and girls aged 4-12 years old. The brand also designs custom orders and mom and me matching sets.

You can follow Enhle’s fashion journey or order through her Instagram


Models : Jordyn, Taylor-Allegra, Jisele, Grace, Enhle, Erin, Yumari and Alessia 

Photographer : Natalie C Photography

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