Valentines fever with local kids brand Zuri by Omari

Zuri children’s clothing is designed specifically for kids bringing together beautiful designs, gorgeous fabrics and natural looks in a fresh way. Each style is simple,yet distinctive enough to put an extra bounce in your little one’s step!


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Featured models

             Mia 2, Establishd model management
                                    Dane 4, unsigned
                                   Skilar 1, unsigned
                Haylee 3, Vogue models Pretoria
                                   Paige 10, unsigned
                       Leanne 15, unsigned
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Spotlight on our February cover star, Taylor-Allegra

Taylor-Allegra is a 4 year old mini model who absolutely loves the camera, she has campaigned for Kameo kids, Sweet Lychee kids couture and more recently Zuri kids by Omari. One highlight of her modeling career has been walking in SA fashion week’s closing show NWTS along with all the other little charmers.


Favorite colour? 


Favorite food?

Kinder surprise chocolate eggs!


One cat named Kitty Gonzales!

What do you love the most about modeling?

I just love modeling and i also have a nice teacher!




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Beauty with a purpose



The little miss and junior miss Ennerdale pageant ,is a local pageant in the Ennerdale community. Aspiring models from the ages of 5-21 years old are able to enter the competition.

The main purpose of the pageant is to assist with community work and build a better environment for children within the community. Our motto is “Beauty with a purpose”.

All winners have community drives and so far have been assisting with numerous projects such as a Christmas feeding scheme, charity drives for local children’s homes as well as drug and youth awareness projects.

While building the community, various businesses within the area have sponsored amazing prizes including computer skills courses as well as toys for the children. One of the prizes is a full PR and marketing contract with S7ven Studios , building their modeling portfolio and career.

Headed up by Cerrol Louw, the pageant has grown from a beauty pageant to an all round community builder.

For more information about the pageant you can contact

Love Sinead Alves – Owner and founder of S7ven studios

Alicia Oliphant , Junior Miss Ennerdale ,12 years old
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Q&A with American teen model Samantha Gangal

This month we had the chance to interview 15 year old Samantha Gangal from the USA, who not only models but is also a singer and actress!

Favorite colour? 

All shades of blue!

Favorite food? 

Cheeseburgers or pizza, depends on the day!

Do you have any hobbies besides modeling?

I love to sing and I am also an actress.

What is the best part of modeling?

Trying on different brands of clothes is always fun, traveling and meeting so many great people has also been amazing.

Who is your role model?

On a personal level, I think my aunt , who is a successful neurologist, would be one of my role models. As far as a role model in the industry, I have always admired Steve Perry, lead singer of the band Journey. His vocals are inspirational to me!

What advice would you give aspiring young models in South Africa?

Make sure you have a great portfolio and find a reputable agency to represent you. Stay confident as rejection is a big part of the business.

Love Samantha

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