Tips on finding the right agency

There are many casting agencies for children, but how do you know which one to select??

A suitable agency who offers personal attention and takes an interest in your child’s confidence development is the best option when dealing with little ones.

Below are some professional helpful tips to guide you in making this important decision:

Check which brands the agency has been affiliated with – this will help give you an understanding of what type of castings they focus on and what companies select their talent.

Facebook is a good way to check Agency reviews – remembering to take into consideration that one bad review does not make the agency bad, therefore look for a pattern of dissatisfaction.

Make sure the agency you are interested in is a registered company and have done work in the industry before – there are many scammers around who just want to make a quick buck!

NAMA (National Association of Model Agencies) South Africa is a great directory to selecting your agency, as their members follow a certain code of conduct producing transparent, high ethical business conduct and standards which means you will not be messed around.

It is good to belong to an agent who is involved in many areas of the performing arts such as Drama or Modelling resulting in more opportunities than usual.

Once selecting your perfect agent, be patient and loyal – Children between 0-4 years old will not receive as many casting briefs as older children as it is difficult for them to follow direction and instructions well resulting in long unnecessary hours.

Registering your child at a young age has its benefits – preparing them for when they reach an appropriate age for the demand in the industry.

Please note: The amount of castings vary depending on the child’s age, race or gender and no agent can guarantee the amount of briefs the children will attend or jobs they will confirmed.

A good agent will be completely honest and advise if the child will excel in the industry or they feel they are not confident enough before registering them.

We hope this information has helped!


Owner and head coach at Little Charmers SA





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Cover Star

Spotlight on Chloe Lane 

Chloe Lane is a young rising star from Little Charmers SA, an established modeling and casting agency. We asked her a few questions and got to know her a little better!

What do you love the most about modeling?

I absolutely love fashion so I really enjoy being able to dress-up and wear the latest clothing. I love the excitement and fun of being part of live events. It makes my heart very happy when we can raise money for different charities especially for children. Modelling has boosted my confidence.

What has been the highlight of your modeling experience thus far?

I took part in the Little Charmers Annual Charity fashion show 2018 and was crowned as Miss Charity. The funds raised went to the Nelson Mandela Childrens Hospital and I was proud to raise money for such a good cause.

Do you have any hobbies you enjoy besides modeling?

Dancing, singing, hockey and riding my off-road motorbike.

Is there anything interesting about yourself that you would love to share?

I have six little dogs which sleep on my bed every night. My older brother Bryce is my best friend. My favorite holidays are going to the Bush and Mauritius!

Love Chloe!

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Featured Models

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                Irene           Agency   Younique Model Academy Edenvale
            Mthokozisi    Agency  Little Charmers SA


 If you would like your child to be featured in upcoming months please submit a clear image to ,your child does not need to be part of an agency to be featured.

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Maliques Story

Malique Van Vuuren, aged 13, has been a model for twirl models since 2017. Malique started with ballet and contemporary dancing from a local after school programme in Eldorado Park. The teacher at the primary school Ms Diana Robertson, saw Maliques potential and invited her to join modeling classes with Twirl Models from the local community center in Eldorado Park.

The classes were established by Mrs Robertson with the aim to “keep our girls off the streets and to empower them with something Positive”.

We receive Mentorship workshops, grooming sessions, modeling classes and wellness workshops. It’s more then just a modeling school. It’s an empowerment movement in my view. Eldorado Park is not the safest place to grow up and statistics prove that many girls never leave or reach beyond the boarders of Eldorado Park.

Twirl models is a huge platform for individuals to showcase their talent. It created a platform for me to grow my self confidence and love for myself. A learning curve for me was to experience and be part of a sisterhood with all the models and not necessarily compete with them but build myself and equip myself with skills that will have the potential to change my destiny. I dream of crossing the boarders of Eldorado Park like Former Miss SA Liesl Laurie.

Ms Roberstson arranged a mentoring session with Liesl for us and that was a life changing experience for all of us because Liesl is from Eldorado Park and to hear her testimony makes it more possible for me to achieve my goals.

Mrs Robertson is always pushing us to dream bigger and know that anything is possible. if it wasnt for twirl models I would not have had my title as Miss Eldos teen 2018. It took a lot of guts and self belief but I did it and I strive for more now. I aim to go enter Miss Teen SA and one day Miss SA. I am a Twirl Model and all things are possible.

Follow my journey on social media Facebook: Twirl Models and Twirl_Models on Instagram.

For sponsorship and bookings contact Mrs Diana Robertson 0767997575


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Q&A with Australian teen model Paris Bishop

Favorite colour?

My favorite colour is yellow because it’s a happy colour!

Favorite food? 

My fave food is anything sweet!


One hobby i enjoy is netball.

What is the best part of modeling?

The best part about modeling is getting to meet so many amazing people and making new friends, I feel very blessed and am so grateful.



Do you have a role model?

 Someone i look up to is my mum as she teaches me to always believe in myself, and to always remain humble in life.

Do you have any advice for young aspiring models in South Africa? 

My advice would be to give life your very best shot and believe you can achieve your goals and dreams, you can achieve anything you want if you truly believe!

                                                                   Love Paris! 

Follow Paris on Instagram @



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Fairytale Couture by Sweet Lychee Kids

Sweet Lychee Kids couture , a little luxury

Sweet lychee kids is a luxury kids couture brand, creating beautiful fairytale designs.

”30 years of fashion design experience ensures we are able to translate fine craftsmanship flawlessly into timeless occasional pieces for kids”

Shop online.@

Instagram and facebook

Glow in the dark collection
Rain on a window dress
The golden sunrise dress
When the buds bloom dress
When the snow melts dress
When the wind blows skirt paired with Dew drop crop
Blush botanical dress
Blush botanical dress

If you are a local kids label or designer, and would like to be featured in upcoming months please send more information about your brand to

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